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Watch our short film, “Trick or Treat

Amanda has decided to have a relaxed evening at home free from the distraction of possible Halloween trick or treaters. She finds the whole celebration not to her taste but rather than being seen as boring by her neighbours she has put out a pumpkin suitably arranged, particularly for the local children.
So with a glass of wine in hand she settles down in front of the TV for a quiet night in…







Watch our short film, “Football Crazy

It’s the day of the big match! David is excited at the prospect of another home win to continue the recent (and some might say, uncharacteristic) run of good form his team is currently enjoying. He is busy going through his pre-match rituals to ensure the good luck continues.

Mother Nature has other ideas today. She has seen fit to send a blanket of snow over the whole area. Undeterred, David decides he can still battle through the snow, even if it means he has to walk to the ground…






MG-WebPosterWatch our short film, “Mind Games

Alice, a smart woman in her forties, is troubled. Did they really mean to insult her? How dare they call her old! Well, no matter, Alice knows how to get her own back.

As the story unfolds, Alice confides how she feels about the situation and finds more encouragement to retaliate. Unfortunately events escalate becoming more and more serious until it all gets out of hand. There will be consequences to these actions.

This is a gripping tale of Mind Games being played out over the garden fence. However as the stakes rise, don’t imagine winning!





Watch our short film, “My Imaginary Boyfriend“.

Helen is a business woman in her forties. She has everything she could wish for; the perfect house and garden in a good neighbourhood, the ideal job of sales manager in a prestigious business, a smart new car with all the extras and platinum membership of an exclusive health club. Well almost everything; she has no boyfriend.

The girls in Helen’s team obviously discuss men a lot. So she is not left out, Helen decides to construct Greg, the perfect boyfriend, in her imagination. She creates a whole story around Greg which matches her lifestyle and builds him up to be her ideal boyfriend. However all does not go quite to plan.

After the initial excitement of having a new partner the drawbacks of having an Imaginary Boyfriend start to outweigh the benefits. It becomes time for some decisive action.

The story is set principally in Helen’s home, her office and her surrounding neighbourhood where we have a glimpse in to Helen’s world. The question arises though – is this all too good to be true?



Cake PosterWatch our short film, The Cake.

The story takes place in a typical domestic setting in a house somewhere in suburban England. It is the story of a husband, Ben Harris and his wife, Laura Harris and their relationship. The story is centred around a simple everyday activity as Laura looks to cheer up Ben by surprising him by preparing one of his favourite treats.

The film opens with Ben in reflective mood reading the paper before leaving the house for a while. Laura takes the opportunity to do some baking before Ben returns. It is clear from the action that Ben and Laura love one another dearly and it is the nature of this relationship which is at the heart of the film giving it such an endearing quality.

The film was shot on location in Dorset, England.