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Mind Games




Mind Games

Alice, a smart woman in her forties, is troubled. Did they really mean to insult her? How dare they call her old! Well, no matter, Alice knows how to get her own back.

As the story unfolds, Alice confides how she feels about the situation and finds more encouragement to retaliate. Unfortunately events escalate becoming more and more serious until it all gets out of hand. There will be consequences to these actions.

This is a gripping tale of Mind Games being played out over the garden fence. However as the stakes rise, don’t imagine winning!

This short film has been produced by independent film makers Half Cut Films. Half Cut Films is based in London and the south coast and was formed by four self-confessed film fanatics. The inspiration to start film making came as the result of encouragement from the Raindance Film Festival. The film is true to the “lo-to-no budget” film making ethos, being produced with zero budget. The film was shot on location in Dorset, England.



“Mind Games” movie is now available to watch on our vimeo channel .


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Award Winner – Canada Shorts- Canadian & International Short Film Festival