Half Cut Films


We are a small independent film production team based in London and the south of England. Our inspiration to start film making came via encouragement from the Raindance Film Festival. Our aim is to explore the “lo to no budget” business ethos and to see what we can produce as a result.

Half Cut Films is made up of four self-confessed film fanatics. We are:

Amanda Bray - ActorAmanda Bray – Actor, Producer of Media and Distribution

Amanda trained in drama at Morley College, London. She has performed in several London fringe theatre productions including playing the female lead in Noel Coward’s “Still Life”. She has also acted in many short films and has experience of corporate video.

Jonathan Bray - DirectorJonathan Bray – Screenwriter, Director, Actor

Jonathan has had an interest in writing for many years and has recently started writing screenplays. He is keen to explore what can be produced, with limited resources, in the short film genre but still make an interesting story. Jonathan is a huge fan of Wes Anderson, the Coen Brothers and David Lynch.

IMG_5117 - Version 2 (1)Jayne Szekely – Cinematographer, Editor

Jayne has had a passionate interest of all things photographic for many years. She has been inspired by the cinematic styles of classics such as “Bladerunner”, “Fight Club” and “The Shining”. Jayne also runs a successful photography business providing images to the book cover industry together with selling material to numerous media publications, spending equal time behind the viewfinder and editing.

IMG_5145 - Version 3Peter Szekely – Lighting and Sound Engineer, Director of Technical Services

Peter is in charge of all the technical aspects of the enterprise including; cameras, lighting and sound. He is also a keen photographer and oversees the development and maintenance of our website.